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Sahand Eps Co.

Sahand Expanded Polystyrene Company was established in 2014 with a capacity of 60’000 tons per year located in Babol/Iran. In order to expand its production in 2018, this company has succeeded in increasing the production capacity of polystyrene by 120 thousand tons per year. The only product on which the company has focused all its effort is EPS, under a brand name of Petromole Cost-efficient application of EPS makes it welcome among many industries such as packaging, lightweight construction, and production of home appliances and industrial equipment. Thanks to developments achieved in many industries such as high-tech computing equipment production and civil administration, the demand for EPS increases each year. The present factory has been founded to supply domestic market and abroad with high quality EPS with reasonable price.

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Sahand Expandable Polystyrene Manufacturing Co. is a big team consisting of people with special concerns about teamwork ethics, safety and national standards. All electronic equipments used in the workshop are selected from explosion-proof type. Utilising distributed control systems (DCS) across the factory makes an optimal management of production process, increases productivity with minimum waste of manpower, and ensures a smooth and safe progress. A large portion of the factory's area is covered with green landscaping, creating a balance between industry and nature. Sahand Company aims not only to provide the best quality products for the market within our country, but also to supply the best products and services in Central Asia, Middle East and Caucasus regions. Currently, there are several potentials to expand the market of Petromole® products for all around the planet. To undertake such a great responsibility,
we need the attention and cooperation of all businessmen, traders, and customers of petrochemical products.
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